WAYLAND LEPC Mission Statement

“Wayland’s Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) is a group of elected and appointed community representative who meet quarterly each year, for the purpose of promoting and facilitating the pre, present and post incident safety of all Wayland residents and business owners. LEPC takes an “All-Hazards” approach to public safety, emergency preparedness, and public health, which include hazardous materials incidents, natural disasters, manmade and terrorist events. Wayland’s LEPC goal is to manage public expectations and emergency preparedness concerns for the community by establishing a Continuity Of Operations Plan (COOP) for Town government, promoting and advocating for public education while improving communications before, during and after emergent events.” (Approved 06/20/12)

Enjoy your day but please remember this:

What you have on hand for “Emergency Supplies” will most likely save your life when a major disaster hits. As you go through each day knowing that something terrible could happen, why not have an EMERGENCY PLAN for your family, your home and your place of business and have a back-up supply of emergency supplies on hand?

When an emergency happens, in most instances it is too late to go shopping and to make your disaster plan for your family.


Emergency Preparedness must begin at home. It is the personal responsibility of each and every person to "BE PREPARED" in the event of an emergency. If we are prepared we will see to it that our family members understand the need to BE PREPARED. If our family is PREPARED we can hope that families will take an interest and an initiative in seeing that their neighborhood, their community, their state and their country are also PREPARED for that unexpected emergency.

The general public MUST UNDERSTAND that if a major catastrophic event occurs local, state and national public safety resources may not be sufficient to meet local demands. Tough economic times are faced by many; municipal budgets are under great pressure and municipal services are being cut or stabilized. If an emergent event occurs and that event affects your neighborhood, your community, or your region the public must understand that your call to 911 may result in a delayed response.Your need to be PREPARED is therefore CRITICAL!

If you have any questions or would like assistance with your preparation, please don’t hesistate to contact Doug Leard at DJL@emergencypreparedness4all.com or at 508-922-5778.

Thank you and have a GOOD day!!!

Douglas Leard 2014